Healthcare Staff
Float Pool

Balance, share, and transfer hospital staff based on real-time & predictive data

Proactively Float Health Care Staff Between Units and Facilities

The staffing flexibility you need for optimal workforce management.

Issio allows leadership to easily and proactively balance workload across an entire health system. Managers of understaffed units can easily find staff from other overstaffed units who are credentialed to float into their unit. Nursing Supervisors and Directors can proactively float staff to ensure workforce balance and higher quality of care for patients and work experience for staff.

How Float Pool Works

Float Out Your Staff:
Add Excess Staff to the Float Pool

Let’s say your department has low census. You realize you have excess staff who are still working. Instead of flexing them off, you can release them to the Float Pool.

Managers can release staff to a large float pool allowing any number of different facilities the ability to schedule the individual, depending on the individual’s ability to float to a specific destination based on their certifications, experience, and working hours.

Understaffed Unit Searches for Available Staff

A manager from an understaffed department, looking for more staff, will see only staff who are approved to work in their unit.

The manager can search, using various criteria, for both available staff and staff who could become available but have not yet been released to the Float Pool by their own managers. They can add the desired staff to their own department, solving their acute understaffing problem.

Notify Floated Staff of Their Updated Schedule

The receiving unit or department then schedules the staff they want from the Float Pool and sends them their schedules via SMS or Email. Each staff member receives a message instructing them where to go and when to arrive. Schedule individuals directly to a different facility for a set period of time, whether that is a few hours or a few weeks.

Streamline Your Healthcare System

Float a flexible healthcare workforce throughout a region.