Float Pool

Optimize staffing needs, better match patient demand, and improve communications with one-click scheduling.

Issio has the only product on the market that allows facilities to rapidly share and transfer staff during a crisis. Issio’s Float Pool is a cloud-based tool that lets managers easily find and schedule available staff from other facilities or departments. It also allows users to filter their search by staff type and certification.

Unlike basic staff scheduling programs, Issio’s Float Pool improves efficiency for the entire region of healthcare facilities, and does not require burdensome phone calls and emails to the managers of other departments.

Use of the Float Pool decreases the risk of understaffing, saves costs on nursing agency and employee turnover, and improves care delivery for patients.


What is Float Pool?

Float Pool is a tool within Issio Solutions’ Workforce Optimization Platform, which is a central scheduling and communications hub for health systems. Float Pool breaks down workforce utilization barriers between departments and facilities to balance workforce loads across an entire health system. With Issio’s Float Pool, leadership can optimize staffing assignments not just within one facility, but across an entire region.

  • Float a flexible workforce over a region
  • Decrease reliance on agency staff
  • Decrease understaffing
  • Decrease employee turnover
  • Improve patient care
  • Lower labor costs
  • Allow staff to maximize their hours, improving morale

How Does it Work?

Float Pool puts all of the benefits of Issio’s Productivity Suite at managers’ fingertips.

Releasing Facility or Department Puts Extra Staff on the Float Pool

Consider a department in which several physicians are on vacation at the same time, decreasing patient volume. The department realizes it has excess staff who are still working. It then releases them to the float pool for the rest of the week.

Understaffed Department or Facility Sees or Searches for Available Staff

Next, a manager from an understaffed department logs onto the Float Pool, looking for more staff. They will see only staff who have been approved to go to their facility, not staff who have the day off or are assigned elsewhere. They then search, using various criteria, for both available staff and staff who could become available but have not yet been released to the Float Pool by their own managers. They then add the desired staff to their own department, solving their acute understaffing problem.

Schedule and Message Incoming Staff Member Off the Float Pool

The receiving facility then schedules the staff they want from the Float Pool and sends them their schedules via SMS or Email. Each staff member receives a message instructing them where to go and when to arrive.

It's That Simple

Issio’s Float Pool helps healthcare facilities to transcend chronic staffing problems that have plagued them for years.