Rapid painless implementation

“What? We’re up and running already?”

Game Plan

Issio’s team meets with leadership and managers to set up a timetable and roadmap for configuration, data entry, training and go-live

Configure &
Data Entry

Who Configures the application?

Your friends @ Issio

What about Data Entry?

Your friends @ Issio

Our prior schedules?

Your friends @ Issio

Interfaces with GovTA and others?

Your friends @ Issio

Usernames and passwords: 

Issio isn’t on-prem 1990’s software…

Just tap your PIV card or use face-ID and you’re in your own pre-configured account.

Training, Go-live & Ongoing Support

Manager Training:

45-60 mintes

Shift Supervisors / Charges

No training required


No training required

Ongoing Support

Our highly-regarded and US-based support team is available  via email, phone, or Teams 

Our platform evolves and improves continually.

Issio is not 1990s tech.

We update the application at least every two-to-three weeks, if not sooner. 

Do you have a request?

We want to know about it…



Curious about an implementation timeline?

We can show you what to expect, and when.