Ready To Install?


Onboarding is Fast, Easy, and Painless


  • Fast:

    • Issio will get your critical units, including Covid-19 wards, fully functional within days, regardless of your health system’s size.
    • Are you a large health provider? We’ll get you fully live in 30 days.
    • An entire VISN? It will only take 90.


  • Easy:

    • We’ll transfer all necessary data so you don’t have to. And the scheduling you had already planned in your previous program? We’ll transfer that too. You don’t have to input anything into Issio except for your username and password. 
    • We customize all unit environments according to their unique circumstances. The very first time that managers log in, they’ll be able to use the program to its full extent.
    • Issio’s platform is so user-friendly that new users often complete their training, conducted remotely, in less than an hour. As the schedule automatically syncs with all calendar applications, only those building the application require training.


  • Painless:

    • Our highly-regarded support team, based entirely in the US, is available at a moment’s notice via email or phone and will help you for as long as you need.
    • You don’t have to worry about whether you’ll get the features you want, as we pride ourselves on helping users take an active role in shaping Issio. We believe that healthcare providers know best what tools they need, and we’re here to get them to you as fast as possible.
      • We update Issio at least every two-to-three weeks, if not sooner, and every update includes features requested by users.


Curious about what an in-depth implementation timeline looks like? Make a consultation with Issio today.