Physician & Resident Scheduling

Optimize physician scheduling for maximum productivity & patient access.  

Simple and Painless

With our configurable long-term templates, flexible daily scheduler, and secure platform that easily syncs with email and mobile calendars, we’re proud of the way we’ve streamlined physician scheduling so that your physicians can spend more time with their patients and less time on planning and paperwork.

Plan Your
Long-Term Schedule

While we know that physicians have general schedules, we also know that those schedules have to be dynamic and flexible. That’s why we built our Monthly Planner. With long-term scheduling templates, and configurable shift lengths and start times, the planner gives you the power to efficiently build short and long-term schedules, and change them as necessary. It also automatically shows you the number of physicians scheduled in particular areas throughout the day. And the planner seamlessly syncs with all calendar apps, allowing your physicians to easily check their schedules at any time.

Fine Tune Your Daily Schedule

Because we know that scheduling in the healthcare arena requires day-to-day flexibility, we’ve created a daily schedule that allows you to fine-tune the long-term scheduling you do in the Monthly Planner. In the Daily Schedule, you can make daily assignments for sub-locations, schedule staff across different areas in fifteen minute increments, and see hour-by-hour data analytics.

Manage Time Off Easily

Once you input time-off and leave into Issio’s specialized calendar, it automatically syncs across the site’s scheduling platform to prevent the accidental scheduling of a physician on an approved day off. You can also schedule time off in fifteen minute increments, so you can easily adjust for half-days off, or similar requests.

Track Physician Certifications

To keep you ahead, Issio tracks physician certifications and alerts leadership when a certification is close to expiring.

Efficiently Notify and Communicate With Physicians

We’ve built instantaneous messaging into the platform so you don’t have to leave your schedule to notify your physicians. You can easily send group or individual messages within Issio via SMS or email. Physicians can respond to your messages by accepting or rejecting proposed shifts, or by writing responses directly to managers.

Streamline Your Physician Scheduling

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