Workforce Optimization Platform

Minimize understaffing and overstaffing—both acutely and on a chronic basis.

Workforce Optimization Platform

Issio has given our center a greater understanding of how our pre- and post-op areas can be staffed for improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Issio’s Workforce Optimization Platform is a cloud-based staff scheduling solution that helps health systems lower costs and improve quality of care.

How We Improve Quality of Care

Issio’s algorithm predicts hourly patient volume and suggests appropriate staffing levels based on your requested nurse-to-patient ratios. This technology is a multi-factor, quantitative model developed by Issio Solutions’ expert MDs, Mathematics PhDs, and MBAs.

  • Generates staffing recommendations based on your requested nurse-to-patient ratio in any department of your choosing
  • Produces accurate, consistent staffing
  • Provides benchmarking, business intelligence, and customized reporting
  • Decreases dangerous and costly understaffing and overstaffing

How We Reduce Costs

Issio Solutions’ Workforce Optimization Platform offers hospitals proven cost-savings and significant return on investment.

  • Lowers staff hours per patient and makes an immediate impact on payroll
  • Gives real-time oversight and actionable data
  • Issio’s enterprise structure provides overtime tracking and control
  • Requires no hardware and is completely web-based and easy to learn
  • Contains no Protected Health Information

How We Improve Communication

Issio Solutions can integrate with existing EHR and payroll systems to give managers access to real-time OT and Staff Hours per case data.

Sophisticated communication tools are built into the platform, allowing managers to notify and receive messages from staff.