Issio Healthcare Workforce Optimization Platform

Air traffic control for health systems

Adjust Your Staff Based On Data

Predictive Data Analytics

Patient demand and staffing supply is always in flux. Issio proactively identifies risks and opportunities in health care systems using AI. We consider many factors including NHPPD, changes in nurse:patient ratio, licenses, union restrictions, and many more

Healthcare Staff Float Pool

Float your healthcare staff between units or within a region. Filter by staff roles, certifications, working hours, shift preferences, time off, FTE status, and more

Communicate Easily with Bulk Broadcaster

Search and SMS any staff available to work in a given unit across your entire health system. Avoid overtime by filtering through per-diem and part-time employees

Reliable Healthcare Workforce Optimization

Authorized Cloud Service Provider
for the Federal Government

99.9999% Uptime

First Class Customer Service

890K+ Shifts Scheduled

Enterprise Analytics for Leadership Teams

Gain valuable business intelligence with real-time oversight.

Issio generates customized dashboards containing predetermined benchmarks specific to your health system.

Improve the Quality of Care in Your Healthcare System

Issio’s algorithm predicts hourly patient volume. and suggests appropriate staffing levels based on your requested nurse-to-patient ratios.

This technology is a multi-factor, quantitative model developed by Issio Solutions’ expert MDs, Mathematics PhDs, and MBAs.

Issio helps you:

  • Produce accurate and consistent staffing
  • Decrease dangerous and costly understaffing and overstaffing
  • Generate staffing recommendations based on your requested nurse-to-patient ratio in any department

Reduce Costs

When you optimize your healthcare workforce, you will see your labor costs decrease.

  • Lower staff hours per patient
  • Track and control overtime
  • Minimize understaffing
  • Minimize overstaffing
  • Decrease burnout
  • Decrease turnover and retain your staff
  • See exactly where you need cross training
  • Leverage the staff you have with Issio Float Pool

Improve Communication

Make real-time and proactive staffing changes.

Communicate schedules with employees via calendar sync, SMS, and e-mail. Managers and staff can send and receive 1:1 messages through Issio.

Issio can integrate with existing EHR and payroll systems.

Optimize Your Healthcare Staff Now

See how Issio can help your healthcare system thrive.