Command Center

Revolutionize your workforce management by empowering your leadership

With Issio’s Command Center, your health system’s leadership can access the information they need to address understaffing and overstaffing issues before they develop in the most critical units of your health system.

What Are Command Center White Boards and Dashboards?

Issio’s Command Center Electronic White Boards and Leadership Dashboards deliver real-time staffing status and patient capacity estimates for the entire health system, down to individual patient care units. The White Boards can be displayed on large displays in a health system’s Command Center, whereas the dashboards are mobile-friendly and can be viewed from any web-enabled device.

How Do They Solve Staffing Problems Ahead of Time?

The Command Center White Boards and Dashboards analyze the upcoming staffing schedule to determine how many patients can safely be admitted according to each unit’s staffing guidelines. If your health system needs a minimum nurse:patient ratio of 1:2 in the ICU, Issio will determine how many patients can be admitted according to those specifications. With use of the White Boards and Dashboards, you won’t have to be concerned about units becoming understaffed after a shift change, as Issio will alert you to address any potential issue beforehand.

What is the Staff Bulk Broadcaster and How Does it Help?

The Staff Bulk Broadcaster makes it easy to stay adequately staffed, no matter the circumstance. Whether you need to cover a call out, sick call, or upcoming shift, the Bulk Broadcaster allows you to find exactly the staff you need. Instead of calling staff one-by-one, you can search for staff available to work in a given unit across your entire health system. And you can easily prioritize specific staff, such as per-diems and part-time employees, who would not accrue costly overtime by taking the shift. No matter who you need, or where you need them, the Bulk Broadcaster will help you get the right staff in the right place.

How is Issio's Command Center Float Pool Different than the Regular Float Pool?

Issio’s Command Center Float Pool allows health system leadership to  immediately reassign staff from overstaffed units to understaffed ones and instantaneously communicate with all affected parties. With access to all units in the health system, the Command Center Float Pool gives leadership a more comprehensive ability to respond to acute, system-wide staffing issues than individual nurse managers logging into only their own unit or facility.

What Is Their Long-Term Usefulness?

The White Boards and Dashboards also help with long-term analytics. After tracking your health system’s day-to-day scheduling for a few weeks, Issio will recognize inefficiencies and other problem areas, and make recommendations to solve them. This can aid your system as you look toward future recruiting, hiring, and rebalancing of your workforce.