Issio Command Center

Real-time & predictive bed availability and staffing across an entire health system

Arm Your Leadership Team with Data

With Issio’s Command Center, your health system’s leadership can access the information they need to address understaffing and overstaffing issues before they develop in the most critical units of your health system.

The Command Center delivers real-time staffing status and patient capacity estimates for the entire health system, down to individual patient care units.

Built Specifically for Your Facility

Issio works with managers to develop a holistic understanding of operations at every individual unit and department of their health system. In conjunction with data analysis and benchmarking, we consider the particular needs and layout of every environment to give customers insight into their operations.

Data Aggregation and Visualization

Single-site and multi-site data aggregation, drill down, access controls, filtering, and data export techniques.

We’ve built intricate and clear data-visualization reports into the foundation of our platform. We also offer customized reports on any specific area of interest as well as any underperforming areas.

Solve Staffing Problems Ahead of Time

The Command Center analyzes the upcoming staffing schedule to determine how many patients can safely be admitted according to each unit’s staffing guidelines.
If your health system requires a minimum nurse:patient ratio of 1:2 in the ICU, Issio will determine how many patients can be admitted according to those specifications.
We benchmark departments across a health system in order to find underperforming areas and track their improvement. By finding both understaffed and overstaffed units, and tracking their progress, Issio ensures that no facility or clinic falls behind the rest of its health system.

Fine Tune Your Healthcare System

See how Issio can help your leadership team.