Operational Readiness

Our Float Pool has a proven record of helping VA managers rapidly get staff where they are most needed.

Equip any type of facility with the Float Pool

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Prepare facilities to combat critical understaffing, and the resulting adverse impacts on patients and staff. Conversely, combat overstaffing, easily optimize labor resources, and minimize unnecessary expenses.

It starts with the Float Pool…

Float Pool is a cloud-based tool that allows administrators and managers to easily find and schedule available staff from other facilities or departments, or to search for them by staff type and skill set. Issio Float Pool improves efficiency for the entire region, decreasing the risk of understaffing for any one facility or department, saving costs on nursing agency and employee turnover, and improving care delivery for patients.


What is Float Pool?

Float Pool is a tool within Issio Solutions’ Workforce Optimization Platform, a central scheduling and communications hub for health systems. Float Pool breaks down workforce utilization barriers between departments and facilities to balance out workforce loads across an entire health system. With Issio Float Pool, leadership can optimize staffing assignments not just within one facility, but across an entire region.

  • Float a flexible workforce over a region
  • Decrease reliance on agency staff
  • Decrease understaffing
  • Decrease employee turnover
  • Improve patient care
  • Lower costs
  • Allow staff to maximize their hours, keep staff more content

How Does it Work?

Float Pool puts all of the benefits of Issio’s Productivity Suite at managers’ fingertips.

Releasing Facility or Department Puts Extra Staff on the Float Pool

The overstaffed department puts excess staff on the float pool. The department may be overstaffed for one day, or maybe for a week.  For example, several physicians are on vacation and patient volume is down.

Understaffed Department or Facility Sees or Searches for Available Staff

The understaffed department will only see staff on the float pool who can actually go to their facility. They won’t see staff who can’t work there, have the day off, or are assigned elsewhere. Issio Float Pool does all the filtering for you. If someone is on the float pool then they are available to be scheduled. Receiving facilities can also search for available staff with specific criteria. Not only can the float pool search for those on the float pool, but also those who could be available, but haven’t been scheduled yet.

Schedule and Message Incoming Staff Member Off the Float Pool

The receiving facility schedules the staff they want, and sends them their schedules via SMS or Email. Each staff member receives a message and knows where to go and when to arrive.

It's That Simple

Breaking down barriers of inefficient workforce practices that are costly and inefficient.