VHA Innovations Ecosystem Award-Winning Platform


Issio creates value for the VA by minimizing costly understaffing and overstaffing-and via our FedRAMP-in process, SaaS platform-providing the best reliability, accessibility, and data security on the market





Data Security
  • Our Command Center Dashboards show real-time feeds of nurse:patient ratios across a healthcare system’s units to determine which are at risk of becoming understaffed
  • Issio’s Float Pool helps transfer staff from overstaffed units to understaffed units in real-time
  • Our data analytics help you find long-term solutions to units with frequent staffing issues

  • Issio’s data analytics finds long-term solutions to chronically overstaffed units
  • Our Float Pool shifts staff between overstaffed and understaffed units in order to alleviate acute problems

  • Issio is currently FedRAMP “in-process” and is expecting full authorization by mid-January 2021
  • FedRAMP authorization ensures that the cloud-based, SaaS businesses the government grants contracts to are extremely secure
  • FedRAMP requires building an extremely secure Cloud-based system, passing a rigorous set of tests and audits, and continuing to pass constant monitoring.
  • In choosing Issio, you can rest assured that your data will be secure. We can proudly say that our platform has never been compromised, and with our dedication, we are confident it never will be.




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