In this Covid-19 challenge, floating our skilled staff to work where they are most needed—both efficiently and safely—is going to be essential to our success in facing this pandemic. Hospitals need more robust and flexible tools to succeed. Issio Solutions offers just such a tool. During this national emergency, we are proud to offer it to any health system that wants to more efficiently and effectively manage their workforce—with no setup cost!

When we designed this platform ten years ago, we set the standard for its ‘ease of use’ to be extremely high—one that is easy enough to be used by a child. Health technology can, and should, be as functionally robust and easy to use as every other type of technology in our lives. Especially now, in this crisis, this is what we need.

Issio Solutions’ platform takes a simple list of your staff contacts and turns it into a tool that your managers can use to quickly communicate with each other, efficiently select available staff who have the skill sets they need at a particular time (from either inside or outside their department), and then communicate immediately with these floating staff.  Credentials, skill sets, contact info, and schedule across many departments are all available in one central dashboard for managers to reference.

How does it work?  Your staff receive a text message, access an application through a link, and set up their profile (skill sets, work experience, credentials, licenses, and so forth). Staff then update their availability using their mobile device (it’s as easy as accessing any social media site). Health systems log in and access a dashboard where they can directly search for and schedule available staff. Staff are notified of their assignment through text message, email or calendar sync.

Imagine your healthcare systems managing your dynamic workforce more smoothly and easily—freeing up resources to focus on meeting the demand for care. Issio Solutions is offering this tool to any hospital or health care facility during this national emergency. There is no training or specialized equipment required. We are here to help solve our nationwide workforce optimization challenge.

If your health system is interested in setting this up, please contact us at:

[email protected]